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Science Fiction Book Club? Now with nomination request

The positive response to my post about Octavia Butler has me thinking that a science fiction book club would be cool. I have a few ideas for guidelines:

-given GT's diverse makeup, there would be an attempt to explore female, PoC and queer authors. However, lesser-known works by familiar authors and authors in translation would also be cool. (ETA I also would love to do sci fi works by those not known for sci fi, for example Jack London's The Scarlet Plague)
-personally, I would like to avoid series, although if we do do a series i could see doing the first one.
-no tie-ins! I know it would be fun to do a Doctor Who or Star Trek book, but... No.
-i would consider defining sci-fi loosely enough to include fantasy, horror and YA titles.


What do you think?

Artwork by the late great Leo Dillon and his wife Diane:http://leo-and-diane-dillon.blogspot.ca/search?updated…

ETA It sounds like there's enough interest, so let's start nominating books! My first suggestion would be Kindred by Octavia Butler because I've already started reading it :)

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