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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Science March Sloganeering

Hi party people, sorry for being largely absent here - I’ve lurked and starred but been too busy to post and comment properly. I now have a fun hivemind request! The March For Science is on Saturday, as we all know, and my local pod is heading over to Edinburgh on Saturday to participate. (Pulsar, you want to come down?) I need to make a sign tonight. Any ideas for the nerd herd?

So far I’ve got (both original and ripped off the less-widely-shared internet):

Science > Shit You Read On Twitter (not mine originally)
Science Has No Agenda Except The Truth (mine but not very pithy)
[big letters] TRUMP IS A PROTOSTOME [small letters] That means his mouth is the same as his anus. (clever but sort of... rude? too much? I mean, it’s on point, but...)


Edited to add: if you saw a sign that said DON’T BE A PROTOSTOME with Trump’s disgusting face on it, is that too obscurely nerdy or just the right amount?


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