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The science of why we don't believe science.

Interesting study

In both scientific and popular contexts, traditional gender stereotypes were projected onto the novel scientific information, which was harnessed to demonstrate the factual truth and normative legitimacy of these beliefs. Though strains of misogyny were evident within the readers' comments, most discussion of the study took pains to portray the sexes' unique abilities as equal and 'complementary'. However, this content often resembled a form of benevolent sexism, in which praise of women's social-emotional skills compensated for their relegation from more esteemed trait-domains, such as rationality and productivity.


Teen brains shut down when it hears mom's criticism.

On fear and sex.

"If you could have sex with your wife right after you got mugged, it would be the best sex of your life."


Winning the breakup on instagram.


Americans feel better informed thanks to the internet.


Here you can buy 12,000 drugs or learn how to text a girl.


The origin of "Smart Aleck"

AK-47 is branding itself as the "weapon of peace".


When a news site only reported only good news for a day,

"The City Reporter lost two-thirds of its normal readership that day"

Running a startup in Israel.

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