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I encouraged my mom to get my older son a microscope for his recent 9th birthday, she was happy to! So today, for science, we played with it! Not played, but it was fun. Last time I showed him how to set it up, handle it carefully, set the slides, and focus with the different powers. This time we made our own slides. My mom also ordered a box of pre made slides with various plant and animal samples and some slides and covers for us to make our own.

So, since I am supar smrt, it occurred to me to try to get some pictures with my phone. It worked surprisingly well! These are cat hair, my blood, and nail polish, because I had to.


The child was really amused with the blood slide, as it was still moving around.

Give me some input, GT, what other stuff should we look at?! All of these are x1000, the highest power we've got for now.

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