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Scientist Explains Why We Eat Like Pigs and Pick Our Noses Like Monkeys.

Actually, that isn't quite it.

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Geneticist Eugene McCarthy says the human species might have been created when pigs mated with chimpanzees. (Just try to picture that in your mind for a second.)

Depending on what you believe, we humans either poofed on Earth by sparkly finger wigglin' magic On High or eventually manifested ourselves through good ol' monkey sex.


McCarthy, however, has a rather different idea. Based on anatomical evidence rather than genetic comparison, he cites the similarities in facial anatomy and the microstructure of pig and human organs. (Watching Babe might never be the same.) It's all a matter of hybridization. Simple, right?

Yeah, no. There are two theories: the first is that a male boar got jiggy with a female chimp, and the chimp family raised the resulting offspring.. which then grew up, continued to mate, and eventually formed the first hominid group horde. (Braaaaains. Sorry.) The second theory is that the mating of the chimp and pig produced two separate species of hominid from whence we came.


Intriguing. We could be chomping down on our mighty tasty ancestors.

Chimp/Pig Hybrid = Humans.

Human Origins: Are We Hybrid?

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