Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hey y’all, I’m back from sciencing in China and returned to semi-sciencing in Scotland. Thanks for your support and for being irritated on my behalf, it really helped!

Meanwhile, I have a question for the GT court. It’s about the proposed scientists’ march.


My initial reaction, upon seeing a headline about it the day after the women’s march, was like... what the fuck guys, why didn’t you go to the one we just had? Why wait for it to be your personal issue to get personally involved? However, I’m not sure that was a correct reaction and it was kind of knee-jerk. Moreover, maybe having a million different themed marches will help break the bed-of-nails effect that Cheetolini has, where there are so many outrages that it’s hard to keep track of them. In any case, I’m curious about it and I’m wondering whether to get involved (insofar as I can) with any similar events here in the UK.

And it looks like we’re going to have a state visit. Barfbarfbarfbarfbarrrrrrrrrrf. Petition to Parliament against this (specifically suggesting that he can visit as a head of government but to block an official state visit with all the good stuff that entails) has gained 40K signatures in just an hour. Kemper, Pulsar, etc, y’all in for the march for when he DOES visit, in any capacity?

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