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Welcome To The Bitchery
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So I just inherited a brand-new-to-me sweater from my husband. Earlier this winter, (probably November-ish) I got him a new grey merino wool sweater from J.crew with leather elbow patches. Weirdly enough, it shrank a little the first time we had it dry cleaned. My husband was annoyed, but still wore it even though the sleeves were a lil short (he just rolled his cuffs and did a little zhoosching, you know, for that effortless look). Somehow, it shrank at the dry cleaners again! This is the only garment we've ever had this happen to before and normally these guys do a really good job, so we're at a loss for what is up with this sweater. Weirdly enough, it shrank really proportionately and small enough to be a perfect fit for me!!! (for perspective, I'm barely 5'2" and normally wear a 00/XS at J.Crew - he's 6' and wears a M)

Is it weird or sad that this just made my day? Why can't I be independently wealthy and go shopping ALL THE TIME so that random stuff like this doesn't feel like such a windfall?


Do you guys have any inexplicable dry-cleaning or laundry-related phenomenon to relate?

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