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SCOTUS Judge Alito Sounds Like A Breitbart Ignorant Fanboy

He was speaking about religious freedoms. Saying that there are people who are trying to silence those they disagree with.


No one is trying to silence anyone. Christians are the majority in thIs nation and let’s face it when religious freedom is said its not Wiccans or Muslims they refer to its always Christian fundamentalists.

Calling out of hate speech and saying stupid stuff (Earth is less then 10k years old) is not silencing. Its calling hate speech as hate speech and stupid stuff as stupid. Fighting against their implementation of bigotry like denying services to women and those who are gay is not silencing its fighting against discrimination. These folks can spout off all they want, if silencing was really happening Fox News, Sinclair Media, Liberty University and millions of websites would be shutting down along with Churches.

Alito is either too stupid to realize this or believes in this paranoid fictional persecuted Christian crap.

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