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Scouts' Honor

Well here’s a feel good story for ya!

The Girl Scouts of the USA - which every Girl Scout knows is better than the Boy Scouts of because boys have cooties and also their organization is full of bigots - recently returned a $100,000 dollar donation because the donor insisted that the money not be used to support transgender girls.


The Girl Scouts were like...

Instead they launched a new initiative #ForEveryGirl, to promote the idea that “Girl Scouts is for ever girl, and every girl should have the opportunity to be a Girl Scout”.

They are raising awareness and money to replace the rejected donation via social media. Apparently in one day they are already nearing their goal, but in light of this incredible stand of solidarity it would be awesome to see them exceed it!


Glad to know not only that transgender girls will be welcomed by the organization but that (hopefully) they will be welcomed by their fellow Girl Scouts, who are being encouraged through this campaign to be good allies and stand up against bullying. You go girls!

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