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Screaming internally

Can I just vent for a little bit? I am so sick of having my work nitpicked to death.

I work in communications, so I am used to the review process and people proofreading my work. But I am getting really sick of being constantly nitpicked beyond all reason by some of the people I work with. It’s really making me feel frustrated and defensive. It’s especially bad with the parents I work with. I’m at a private school and I work pretty closely with the Parents’ Guild, which is basically the SAH moms who do the fundraising and social events for the school throughout the year. Some of these ladies are wonderful and some of them are goddamn nightmares. One mom in particularly is giving me hell this week. She is being totally dictatorial in her approach, basically expecting that if she says “Jump!” I’ll say, “How high?” But there’s no respect for the expertise I do bring and for the work I am doing for them.

I am just so sick of spending hours producing what I think is great work for these women, trying to work with them to promote their events, and getting my work ripped apart and receiving angry emails that “this is NOT WHAT WE WANT!!!” (actual quote). It’s making me feel really defensive and I must admit, I have started getting a lot less friendly and lot more tersely professional in my responses. A lot of the time, these moms are mad at me because they don’t understand the tools we’re using or they’re incredibly high-strung and have too much time on their hands to overthink everything. I just wish they would chill the fuck out and let me do my job.


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