Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Screw Going High

I say we go low in the hopes that he’ll ragestroke and quit*. Like starting a hashtag that will piss him off immeasurably so that he continues to show his petty petty ass. And creating a hashtag for Ivanka so that whenever she tweets nonsense about #womenwhowork someone is right there with #womenwhoworkIRL to give stats about pay equality/overtime pay/minimum wage what have you. That will drive him round the bend :)


Some hashtags I’ve been thinking of:






#DeepDiscountDug or #DeepDiscountDumbell if Pixar objects

Some kind of hashtag that points out how he lost the popular vote...

Add your own in comments

Anytime a hashtag gets used a link to one of his lies/egregious behaviors could be included (God knows we’ll never run out of them). It may be the only fun we have for the next 4 years.


*Pence is a nasty lil mofo but at least he won’t start a war by pressing the shiny button just cause he wanted to.

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