When are we going to get the lulzy miniseries or film adaptation of this baby?

Yeah, remember the Final Friends trilogy? Seriously, these books have EVERYTHING that would make a highly watchable high school thriller. I've just re-read them all (shut up, I found them in some boxes), and they're as entertaining as they were then, and totally updateable to the 21st century.

Except for maybe a Mysterious Antagonist wouldn't be able to sneak a bomb onto a cruise ship hired for the seniors graduation party now. But we'll just let that slide, because that was hilarious and amazing and you HAVE to end with the cruise ship sinking and everyone washing up on the beach, you have to.

ETA: If tween/teen you loooooooved Christopher Pike and adult you hasn't discovered it yet, I highly recommend the recaps of your favourite Christopher Pike books at Like Pike.