I like to use Craigslist to find casual sexual partners. I have met many nice men and had sex with them, sometimes on multiple occasions. Usually I put up an ad for a couple of hours and get a ton of emails which I respond to, and then pick someone nice to meet for coffee. Tonight my ad was flagged within minutes. I followed the instructions on the flag email and went to the forum where I posted a copy of my ad and asked why it was flagged.

He gave some generally dickish advice then: "Leave your political bullshit out of the ad. A republican dick works the same way a democratic dick or a liberal dick or an independent dick works so don't try to use your 'fuck me' ad to start grandstanding about your political affiliation. It's not relevant.

If it is SO RELEVANT to you that you couldn't possibly bang someone random you'll never meet again unless he's a member of your political party then don't post on CL. Go volunteer with the political party of your choice and find a willing victim there."

Literally my only reference to politics was a sentence at the end of my ad that read, "No smokers or Republicans." Am I wrong to think that it's okay to not want to bang a Republican?

Sometimes I just want to punch people through the internet.