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Welcome To The Bitchery
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There is SO LITTLE that can goad me into a FB fight, but I swear the Flying Spaghetti Monster is testing me.


So there's this girl. Friend of a friend—went to school with my husband and his crew. Anyway, I've met her, like, twice. She's nice enough... ... until she gets on FB when it's "Real Feminists Fight Abortion" this and "Catholic Church is awesome!" that, and "Gays are going to hell!"


Latest post was one of a tragic case of a young boy being horribly abused by his adoptive, gay parents. But of course, rather than do the boy justice and cover the story with any humanity at all, it was used as a platform used to talk about the depravity of homosexuals and the dangers of same sex "marriage" (quotes theirs).

My first instinct was to post something passive aggressively contradictory. Like stats on how most sex abuse is perpetuated by straight people, or statistics on how children of gay couples do just as well as children of opposite gender unions.

Then I thought "this girl is super Catholic... why not post something about how we should make Catholicism illegal because of the rampant sex abuse that's allowed to take place within the institution."

Then I thought, "Ya know what, lady...


...and that's not something I can fix."

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