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Search Results Hate Women

I saw the below ad in a compilation of social justice ads. I was curious as to whether it reflected the actual auto-fill results on my Google, so I tried it. Sure enough, my top results were:

women need men

women need more sleep than men

women need to shut up

women need to know their place.


women shouldn't work

women should stay at home

women should not work

women should be seen and not heard

And finally:

women want to be dominated

If I type in "men want," "men need," or "men should" there is no auto fill. Maybe because men are diverse, unique individuals with differing destinies and desires. You know, unlike women.


I wonder how many times we would have to google "men need to treat women as equals" before that would become an autofill phrase.

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(Image found on trueactivist.com)

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