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Sears is having an 'elegant moment'

I didn't know that you could buy a men's adjustable leather harness at Sears.

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

I thought Sear's was only good for giving be the Canyon River Blues when I was a portly middle schooler.

It only comes in one size though WOMP WOMP. Now men will know how us women feel when all the cute bras are not in our size. JUSTICE.

Do you think that anyone order's this kind of thing from Sears? I feel like this is a stepping stone website for your kink related clothing. Once you move out of mom and dad's basement you can buy your harness wherever you please.

**I felt weird about including the picture of the very serious gentleman modeling harness directly in the post for some reason**


Edited to add, I no longer feel weird about adding it!

[via dlisted]

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