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Seasons Greetings From An Accidental Goth

It is a little after 10 PM here in Dakar, and people are setting off fireworks outside, and I've suddenly become one of the house animals that are totally freaking out over it. I've got a mild cold-like thing that leaves me unable to do anything productive, and I feel like I'm Satan because everyone including my mother is going to church for the Christmas Eve mass.It also doesn't help that I rejected going to church while wearing all black with no makeup like the hedonist liberal New Yorkers that Republicans warn you about. On the plus side, I am writing story that is pretty much reading like Sleepy Hollow AU fic (in a good way). I tried dressing into something more festive, but I feel I'm going to go from Mildly Sick to Too Sick To Live if I don't stay warm(It's like Frisco here!), and the warmest things I have is in black. Sooo....Merry Goth Christmas to me?My gift you you, GT, is a topless, dancing Peter Murphy.


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