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Second edition of my Uncle's Facebook Roulette!

Today's topic is guns! More specifically, it's teaching your daughter about guns so she can shoot and kill her potential rapist. Aw, that's nice.
Last edition was about my Uncle Basil and his dumb-ass post about the rules of raising a daughter. Note, he has three sons and never posts a damn thing about how to raise them right. Because you know, boys will figure it out. Girls have to be guided and and taught, and groomed. Obvi. So let's dive in!

Object 1:

zombie apocalypse its good to have choices lol


I should note here, I am not necessarily anti-gun. My dad owns several. And by that I mean, probably about seven. But I say probably because I have never actually seen them all before. He keeps them in a lock box until he goes out clay shooting or hunting.

He does not treat them like toys to be lines up and fetishized.

This man has two kids under ten and both of them shoot. His four year old son, shoots. That's cool Uncle Basil, they should definitely learn about it like its some game of shooting zombies in the head and not a very real, very dangerous threat.

Object 2:


This was presented with no comment, but his wife did add:

Basil's already got the rifle picked out he's going to buy and teach her with!

Awesome. I can't even with this one. If you want to tear it apart in the comments, go right ahead. I am just filled with so much fatigue about this issue. There are tons of reasons why this is ineffective. There are tons of reasons why this is a dangerous mentality.
But all I can think of is do you know how much time it takes to get a rifle and ammo out of a lock box? Fuck that noise! Get a baseball bat.
But it's not really about the gun. It's about raising your daughter in an atmosphere of fear about her own sexuality and normalizing violence as a natural response. Or in this case training them in pre-emptive violence. |
For the record, his daughter is like 8.


However if you follow the link through on his page you get to the original posting and this gem of a comment pic:


I like you lady.
What sadly follows on Basil's facebook is five videos of his daughter tearfully shooting a rifle. SO CUTE YOU GUISE!


And finally, today, there was this:

Object 3:


Obsessing about prom ten years before it's even going to happen? Yeesh.
And you think women are bad.

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