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is what happens when you go from watching this:

to watching this:

Hahahahahaha ... was that supposed to look cool? Oh dear!

ETA: To clarify, that’s the same actor, Shahid Kapoor, first in 2014 and second in 2004.


I’m now going to use this post as an excuse to shill for Haider (the first clip) , but the absurd second video is my motivation for making it.

So, Haider! It’s an adaptation of Hamlet and it’s fantastic! When reading Hamlet or watching other interpretations of it, I’ve always felt that the plot, the motivation didn’t hold up to the gravity of the speeches. This movie fixes that in a big way. It’s set in mid 90’s Kashmir, around the time of the India & Pakistan Kargil conflict. Instead of being killed, Hamlet’s father is imprisoned and his obsession over his fathers death becomes a much more relatable obsession to track down where his father is being held and if possible free him. This also bolsters the Gertrude/Claudius plot because it pits the weariness of people who’ve been living with this police state situation for a while and have given up hope against the outrage that Haider, as a relative outsider (like Hamlet, he was away studying) feels.

I’m also really amazed and vicariously proud that a film this harshly realistic and critical of India’s behavior during the war was made and well received in India. The first clip I posted is this movie’s take on the ‘To be or not to be’ speech (well, partly, it’s split up between multiple scenes). It juxtaposes Hamlet’s existential questions with larger political analysis of Kashmir’s situation at the time. I unsuccessfully tried to find an english subbed version of it, but failing that the original at least conveys the emotions behind it.

I’ll end with another clip from Haider. This is the movie’s take on the play scene from Hamlet.

Translation: http://www.bollymeaning.com/2014/08/bulbul…

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