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Secret Admirer: The Verdict

After mulling it over with anyone and everyone who would listen to me, IRL and on GT, and taking a much needed nap I have officially decided not to go.

I really have to thank you guys for some solid advice. GTers were there with a resounding "NO", when pretty much everyone in my 3-dimensional reality was saying, "Eh, go! Just let him down easy!" I admit, without anyone's input that is probably what I would have ended up doing. But, after a while (hours, days, whatev) I realized I was just feeling obligated to give into this guy's advance because I didn't want to be rude. I'm from the midwest, after all.


The best (read:worst) advice anyone gave me came from the guy I am casually seeing on-and-off. Which, COME ON! I get that we aren't dating but can you please at least try to pretend to care? No? Okay.

His response after I told him I sleuthed it out and uncovered the "secret":

"I'd go and act surprised like you didn't know it was him and have a good time, then let him off easy if your not into it. This guy had some balls and spent some money and I'd at least give him some respect."


The money reasoning is so flawed for so many reasons, but fuck it, I'll run with this logic just to make a point. If respect is bought, my number one shareholder is my fucking self. I deserve to respect myself enough to not go willingly into uncomfortable situations that could have otherwise been avoided.


I'm being made fun of for being unromantic. If this is romance, then fuck it, I'm glad it's dead.

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