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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Secret agent/spy theme party

Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love costumes.

I'm going to a birthday party on Friday whose theme is "An Evening of Espionage," and we're meant to come dressed as a secret agent or villain, including name. (It's quite voluntary, and I know it's silly, but she's been through an incredibly rough few months and I would basically do anything to make her happy.)


But I still hate dressing up in costume and I have no idea what to wear. The options are plentiful, from James Bond to Pink Panther to Archer to Mata Hari and you get the idea. My natural inclination is to go as a villain, but I'm really bad at thinking of clever things like this and I'm blanking on a name. I would like to keep the outfit as close to my normal dress as possible, with some identifying details. Any ideas? I'd like to go at least a couple steps above the generic trench coat/sunglasses getup.

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