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Started by AnaYelsi Sanchez, who founded Brown-Eyed Amazon, this hashtag #SecretLivesofFeministas is bringing Latina Feminists together to connect and share their experiences. On her post called, Secret Lives of Feministas, Sanchez says:

Much of fourth-wave feminism is being shaped through social media and mainstream media. It is here (let's be honest, everywhere) that Latina voices are seemingly absent. In actuality, voices from nearly all women of color have been pushed to the peripheral. Like so many other institutions, feminism has formed a hegemonic structure where the power lies in the hands of the few; in this case, cis-gender heterosexual white women. Our narratives are so often shaped for us by those in power. Whether it is intentional or a result of disconnect, our voices are only acknowledged so long as they do not challenge the established power structure.


She provides a reason why #SecretLivesofFeministas hashtag is needed:

As incredible as it was, The #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen campaign was not able to (or meant to) address the unique struggle Latinas have in marrying their cultural identity with their feminist politics. It is that struggle and related victories that #SecretLivesOfFeministas endeavors to highlight.

This hash tag was born out of personal need. I am indebted to black feminists. My feminist awakening came at a young age and when it did I was ravenous for the voices of women. When I went in search of them I found incredible feminists who had paved the way for this pre-teen Latina. They were intelligent, funny, resourceful, strong women. Nearly all of them were white. I could not see the possibility of who I could be reflected in them. It took time and considerable effort but I began to find others- not quite like me but they gave me hope. Women like Sojourner Truth, bell hooks and Alice Walker. It was like having a world opened up to me and I will forever be grateful to them

If you are a Feminista, who would like to share experiences/connector or would like to show your support, use hashtag #SecretLivesofFeministas. Also be sure to check out links provided in the hashtag and to check out Sanchez's site, Brown-Eyed Amazon.



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