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Secret Santa for office friend - Ideas?

So my little gaggle of office friends and I decided pretty last-minute to do a Secret Santa exchange. Struggling pretty hard to come up with ideas for my person.

About her: She’s a late-30s colleague in an administrative-type position (office job). She’s a married mom of 2 young kiddos (4 and 6), likes wine, singing, cooking, football, and reading into the wee hours because she can’t sleep (sometimes the filthy stuff, as she occasionally tells us over drinks). I was thinking something beauty/relaxation oriented (she has an interest in that kind of stuff and has, like, zero free time so it could be a treat), except that she has excellent hook-ups for Mary Kay and Jamberry, which makes me think that maybe her needs are being met there.

Limitations: Our exchange is Friday night (we just got our Santa assignments yesterday), so I feel like an online order is out (no Etsy, booooooo). The agreed-upon spending limit is only $10 (though I’m willing to be That Person who goes over), and my week is pretty slammed. Plus, we’re already bringing baked goods to our little friends party, so I feel like making her something in the kitchen is a no-go.


I just feel so stuck (and why did I agree to do this on less than a week’s notice - ACK!). Any genius ideas, GTers?

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