Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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See my middle finger, the bird?

Sorry to post again so soon, but the happy response to my Lovable Assholery post reminded me of something.

We get made fun of All The Time* on the other Gawker Media blogs. We are called names. We're reduced to gif loving idiots. Angry, isolated feminists. We are mocked and given labels. General Fuckery* aimed our way. They just don't understand that being a Woman is hard. This beautiful forum is where we come for comfort.


That is, until we are needed. Until someone needs sound & informed advice. Until our Lady Opinions* matter to someone. Until something is shared here for us to help with. (As an aside, I'm proud to be a member of the "We". I truly am.)

I love that we are not on the drop down for all to see. I love that I found you all organically on my own. I love that we rally around strangers, and more importantly, each other.


This beautiful place has helped lighten a heavy load I carry still. I think we can all say that on some level. We've also been mocked while still helping carry others load, and we just don't care. Helping is all that matters. And, we LOVE the mens here with us who bring so much to the conversation & the soul.

Love all you beautiful jackasses.

* I don't know how to do a trademark sign. :(

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