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Seeing books by late modern writers whom I enjoyed makes me sad and wonder

I was at a thrift shop and saw books by two late modern writers whose books I loved. Ok Clavell can be a tough, tough novelist to read. I tried thrice to get through Noble House. I loved Tai Pan and King Rat. Tai Pan especially.Whirlwind is a particular tough read.

I also saw a few Robert Ludlum novels in the eighties and nineties I read so many. Then like all authors I had my fill. Holcroft Covenant and Osterman Weekend are my two favs of his.


By modern I mean late 20th century mainly post 1970.

I wonder what happened to the House of Struan. Would they still be in business. Would the follow up book taken place when Hong Kong went back to China? Ludlum would he have approved of the Bourne novels going on?

Do you wonder when looking at a book by a late modern writer and wonder about how they would be writing today. About series if they wrote them, the direction it would have taken if the author was still alive.


If you read any by Clavell read Tai Pan. By Ludlum read Holcroft Covenant or Osterman Weekend. Aquitine Progression (?) and first Bourne books were good too. I disliked his other two Bourne books. I never read the Bourne books written by Lustbader. I have heard Lustbader’s other novels are good but I never read them.

So any feel same when seeing books by a late modern novelist and wonder what novels or track of series they would have taken.

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