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Seeing my friends DRUNK for the first time

So, have you ever noticed how your friends get when they've had a bit to drink? I have now!

So, the other day, I went to my last club meeting of the year. My genius friends brought 3 bottles of wine onto our campus (against the rules, but when I was a freshman I always had a bottle of gin at the ready in my dorm, so I'm not one to judge). I can hold my liquor like a pro (thank you generations of drunks!), so I was drinking 4 glasses like it was no big deal. Now, my friends all know I am the HBIC when it comes to booze, but I never really noticed what happens when they get drunk.

So, observation time!

One gets super mean. Not like 'fuck you asshole' mean, but 'well I could do better than you' mean. We were all sharing our art (it's an art club), and she was judging the art based on her artistic talent. Some things she said:


"Well, that's nice, but I would have perfected the nose on the face"

"Obviously, you need to do better"

Etc. She also goes on long rants about cheese and tells our secrets. Like, "Did you know that VV's ex made anal probes? VV, did you ever try them out?" (nope!)

The other friend, after two glasses, goes on rants about how women in the particular sport she plays never get passed to because they "aren't strong enough or are really fat". Yup. And then she went "It's science and feminism". Also she's usually very stoic, but she gets a bit more giddy when she drinks. Like "Oh my God VV, you look so thin! Also, do you know where I can get a deadpool shirt? You do? FUCKING YES YOU ROCK!". She's a bit of a mixed bag.

The other one slurs big time. Like, she was giving a presentation with her eyes half closed and was all "well, nexxxt yur, you have to make suuuur that you take lots on nouts".


Now, I've seen them buzzed before-but I was usually more out of it than them at those times, so I was a bit oblivious-but it was really funny. Especially my friend who gets mean. She's my bestie, so that's amazing to see her do a 360. Love it.

My friends, when high or drunk, are the best entertainment on earth. I guess I'm more of the comedic, not really making sense type of drunk, but seriously, it was the best thing I've seen in a long time.


What are your drunk friends like? Or you? Let's talk inebriation people!

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