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Welcome To The Bitchery

Seeing my toxic friend today

So, a few weeks ago my friend (who told me a masters is a waste of time, didn't get why people were happy after the bomber was caught, etc-ranted about her before) signed up for a workshop which is today. So I wasn't going to go, because I already went over what I needed to do with my school guidance counselor, but then I felt a lot of guilt for making her go by herself (I'm a pushover, I know). I just think I won't bring up anything that will piss her off, and stick to neutral subjects.

But what do I do if she begins to be mean to me? Should I just ignore it, or say "hon, lets not talk about this", or "I think that's a bit rude". I don't think it would be the time or place. Also she invited me to a taco cook-off (Who could turn that down?), so maybe she's seeing how I feel and trying to make some amends.


I really don't know. I just want to do fun things again, like carrying on our tradition of seeing the new Iron Man together (started when my boyfriend dumped me and she pulled me out of it with a bit of RDJ), and just being friends in general.

Sorry for going on with this. It's stressing me out and y'all give great advice/support.

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