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Seeking healthy living book recommendations

Greetings, GT, from the land of "Oh shit why did I go to grad school; double shit, why did I keep working"...

I've realized that I'm not 21 anymore (a realization made clearer by the fact that all my fellow students ARE still 21 and I feel like a veritable crone in comparison), and that I need to start taking better care of myself. Because I live my life by books, I'm looking for some textual materials to help motivate me to live a healthier life and some how-tos to help me do so.


The "eat baby food to cut inches from your waist line" kind of thing makes me shudder in revulsion. And when I poke around most bookstores, I can't seem to find anything except books by Dr Oz's personal trainer (I mean, seriously, how many trainers does that guy have?). So I'm turning to the wisdom of the hive... what books or websites have you read that inspired you? That didn't shame you, but made you WANT to take better care of yourself? Because right now, I'm stuck in the "I WANT to want to" headspace, and it's just not effective...

ETA: Food recommendations are awesome, but more than anything else, I'm trying to figure out ways to motivate myself to get physical activity into my life.

PS - I've not included a trigger warning because I'm very specifically looking for healthy living NOT weight loss recommendations. If someone feels I should add one, please let me know.

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