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Seeking People for a Tech Project: Better CAH with Mobile

I am looking for people to fill specific roles in making a responsive web, Python-based CAH clone that works better and has more deck scalability than the one that we've been using. Right now: I need a responsive web ui designer or phone app ui designer to advise on some front-end usability concerns, specifically the card layout and sizing, and the function of the chat window.

First stage is for me to write business requirements, then I can move on to technical specifications and architecture. Since people have already expressed interest in playing on phones and tablets, responsive web would get us around the app store concerns that I brought up yesterday. However, I am not versed in mobile UI enough to address the concerns for mobile, so if anyone could help out with that, it would be lovely.


Functionality would include the ability to make and add new decks, allowing us to make a general Kinja deck as well as a more specific GT deck, and Odeck would also be able to make an Odeck deck. (I know they like to play too.)


The app would allow user management with ability to approve users, which would allow us to host the app in the cloud and limit access to known users to avoid scaling past what we could afford on traffic. Or, you know, host in my crawlspace or whatever.

The goals of the app are:

  • eliminate the need for constant "come play CAH" posts in the main feed by giving us a private lounge area for people looking for games
  • replace the UI (Xyzzy) that we keep complaining about
  • allow mobile play without breaking the CAH terms
  • allow optional traffic scalability reduction via user authentication and management
  • allow greater deck creation powers
  • create an open source project on GitHub that will look awesome for getting jobs (for me and for any other contributors)
  • allow me to mentor in best practices while learning Python and Python frameworks; allow people who can mentor me in Python but who need best practices mentoring to get that.*

So, first things first: is there a responsive web or mobile ui designer in the house?

Please contact me via the squalorid system. Payment is in credit and squalor.

*Solo development often leads to reinforcement of bad practices that impair the ability to work on teams. By approaching this from a team project model, people who are doing solo development can learn to better work on teams. This means more upfront work on what really isn't that big of an app, but will look better from a professionalism standpoint and help all participants get jobs with larger, more reputable companies where sexism is less tolerated. Quite a lot of this upfront work is work that I've done previously for clients like Adobe.

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