I posted this earlier tonight, complaining about a situation at my school. After posting, my boyfriend and I went to dinner at the other foreign teacher's house, where we were informed that the English department manager had lied to our boss and essentially got us fired. You see, on out way out of school today, my boyfriend told her "If we didn't have out tickets to go home booked already, we would leave today." She told our boss that we are leaving today and he said okay, let them go. He didn't call us to ask or anything. We called him and told him she lied to him, but he doesn't care. He doesn't want to pay us for February, so he told us we can stay in our apartment, but not to come back to school. He wants the only other foreign teacher to teach all the classes (three classes per hour essentially).

I don't know what to do. We can't spend a month here doing nothing, but we already have our plane tickets booked for February 24 to visit Bulgaria and then March 4 to go back to Canada. That's two sets of tickets to reschedule. I'm so angry that our boss would treat us this way and still expect my boyfriend to find him new teachers for his schools and find his son a placement in a Canadian high school. I'm upset I won't get to say goodbye to my kids. I'm really pissed off.