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"Segregation Now"

Lately I've pretty much been a taxi driver because I've been sharing one car with 3 people and have the most open schedule, so naturally I've been listening to a lot of NPR. This piece by Propublica really caught my attention yesterday.

Basically, many schools through the South are resegrating by building new schools. It's a great piece and really reminds me of the area that I live in, which is not in the South.


I live in a rust-belt Ohio city that has made several lists for most segregated cities in the nation. The public schools in this city are notoriously poor with a horrible graduation rate. As far as I know, there haven't been segregated schools in this area for a very long time, but the residents of the city and suburbs have effectively created a form of segregation. The city proper is split down the middle: the west side is almost entirely African American and the east side is primarily white. The suburbs are almost completely white (most with schools given the "excellent" rating).

There have been a few suburbs in the area who have been caught red-lining and discouraging minorities from buying homes or renting apartments in those areas. One those suburbs was the one that I went to high school in (using my grandma's address). It is an enormous high school and usually has 2,000 to 2,500 students attending. My graduating class had 600+ students and was almost completely white, save for maaaaaaybe 10 students.

If you live on the West side, not only do you have poor access to education, but to just about everything else. There are very few jobs, very few banks, and the only grocery store is on the East side (and that grocery store is still pretty much a food desert). Most people who live in West side also depend on the bus to get to and from work and other destinations, but many suburbs have found a way to make sure there are no bus stops near important business (like the mall. It's also impossible to walk to the mall from the nearest stop because you'd have to walk over a 6 lane overpass with no side walk. That effectively cuts out the possibility of holding a job there).

I just don't feel like I live in 2014 sometimes.

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