I just watched the Tina Fey episode of Seinfeld's series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, which I thought might be interesting because of Seinfeld's recent comment about diversity in comedy. Seinfeld brought up the issue of women in comedy near the end of the episode, which kind of made me wonder if the inclusion of Fey in the series was in part calculated to deflect criticism over how few women they have had on the show. It's hard to tell because it seems that they edited out the bit of conversation that immediately precedes this, so it seems quite unnatural:

I betcha all the women— and you certainly know more comedy women than I do— it's a struggle for them to balance their feminine projections with their comedic goals.

WTF does this even mean? Feminine projections? It kind of sounds dangerously close to "someone who is feminine can't be funny". Fey basically deflected the conversation while also acknowledging that there's a problem:

Right. Like, if I do a talk show, like, ok, I gotta have my stories together, and I also gotta try to, like, look ok. [Exaggerated shrug] But some people work in coal mines. [They both laugh and riff on the idea of a coal mine that tries to treat its employees like Google.]


I get that the idea here is to be funny, but I'm not crazy about the implication that if she isn't worried about being killed by a cave-in at work, then she has no right to complain about prejudices or unreasonable expectations placed on women.