Cake or Death? (no, no, death by cake)

(I did not create this game just so I could post this video. Maybe.)

If you had to pick a food to cause your demise (not suicide, but rather, just imminent expiration), which would you select? It can be a single food or a dish, but you have to explain why you opted for it. You may be called on to defend your selection.

Me? I think I would opt to gorge myself on watermelon. I bloody love watermelon and have been known to eat an entire 12-lb melon in one sitting by my lonesome. [<— have no never done this? now is not the time to start, fyi.] If I had to pick a food that would cause my Ex-Farce Status, I think I'd go with that one. Then again, this could all be driven by the fact that watermelon is in season.

What say you, GT?

And thank you for flying Church of England.