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Self Appointed Snow Day OT

It’s a snowpocalypse here tonight and tomorrow, and damnit it will be a snow day!

My college is fucking terrible - they NEVER close for weather even when its absolutely dangerous to travel. Last year there was a day where the freezing rain was so bad that even the Universities in the city closed for the day, but not our college! It’s so frustrating, to the point where there were so many complaints last year from teachers and staff that our Union brought it up to have our sick days credited (I took the day because my front door had frozen shut, and anyone with school aged children had to stay home because the elementary and high schools across the city were closed).

And tonight there’s a massive snowstorm with high winds, meaning visibility will be reduced to almost zero. All the school boards in the city have already closed schools tomorrow, which I’ve seen happen maybe once or twice in the 15 years I’ve lived here. But my school will probably stay open because the administration doesn’t want to deal with adjusting the academic calendar (we are mandated by the government to have a certain number of teaching days, so if we miss one, one has to be added somewhere). And frankly, JUST ADJUST THE FRIGGIN’ CALENDAR instead of forcing people to take a sick day or trying to come to work when it’s dangerous.



So eff-that, I messaged my students and told them class was cancelled and will NOT take a sick day. I will not put myself or my students in danger because the administration is unwilling to do their job. And if I get in trouble, well the admin will get an earful.

What’s your day tomorrow looking like?

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