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Welcome To The Bitchery

Self care Craft Question

Hey everyone. Thanks so much for last night. I drank some bourbon, cried, watched Inside Out cried a lot more ate some ice cream, read a few chapters of my book, went to bed (after a shower! A glorious, hot shower! Water came back on at like 6 pm! No idea what happened!)

So, on a happier note. I went looking through my yarn stash and found a skein of white wool I did not know I had. So I’m going to care for myself a little and do a craft project to brighten my spirits a bit. I think I’m going to do an ombré dye and then knit it up into a hipstery kerchief/shawlette thing. 8 ll be using permanent, non food dyes (RIT, or Dylon) because those are the ones I’m most familiar with. I’m stuck on color choice though. Do I do something crazy and bright? Vampy? Deep and mysterious? Have any of you guys done an ombré dye in yarn? (I anything I guess)


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