Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Self Care & Deferred Maintenance (and Good Things, too, if you feel inclined!😉)

Hiya, GT!

OT for Good Things!


I know we’ve talked self-care a time or thirty-three ‘round here. What do YOU do to take care of yourself, treat yourself well, and otherwise boost your spirits?


And if you’re like me lately, what HAVEN’T you been doing, which you really want to get back to?

Next question, If you DID fall off the care wagon & it’s not too intrusive:

What knocked you off, and do you have a plan to get back on track?

Brought to you by the fool who may-or-may not have just finished her A.S., and who, *like a damn fool* went from “Meeting with the transfer advisor to find out about a program” to “Applied to another 2-year school for 4 classes*, FAFSA in, Transcripts in, Accuplacer Testing Done, Transfer Orientation complete, and registered for those 4 classes!” in 3 afternoons!


I met with her last Friday, she hustled me over to the office to apply before they closed at 4:30, i tested yesterday, and found out my FAFSA & Transcripts were in AND got registered all during this afternoon!😨😆🤣😂

I totally fell off the self-care wagon during my Practicum this summer, and REALLY need to get back on, especially since i start classes again in 2 weeks!😉


*But, IF i’m lucky, and feel ok in these 4 by Mid-October, i can apply for & hopefully get accepted into a 5-straight-semester cohort at that same campus! 

THAT program is a remote-campus program from a 4-year school, for a licensure in K-12 Special Education. That other school also offers an ECSE & an ASD grad certification, once you have the K-12 Special ED degree, AND they have a 15-credit Play Therapy certification for grads, too! 😁

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