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Self Care Saturday OT

Hello GT - there has been no open thread, what’s on your vagenda (self care or just run of the mill things) for this weekend?

I made an appointment with my psychiatrist and saw him yesterday. I’d written here about how I was having a rough time of things - nothing super serious, just a bad case of the February blahs. With the warmer weather and more sunshine, I’ve had more energy but it was still a slog to get up in the morning. Coupled with the fact that I had gone on a date and tried to convince myself that I should maybe give a super shady dude a chance (which I did not, thanks to both my gut and all of you basically saying “WTF, NO! ABORT ABORT! DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT CLAIM $200" - I also told the story a couple of weeks later to some friends and they were horrified and glad that I flushed him quickly and didn’t go on another date with him) - it made me realize how badly I was feeling about myself.


So, in the interest of self-care and the realization that it DOESN’T have to be hard, I decided to go back on a low-dose of Wellbutrin for the next little bit. Because the end of term is coming up and I always struggle under the stress. And the unstructured-ness of my summers are also a challenge for me. I know that I can do it without medication, but that I’ll probably white knuckle it through - and frankly fuck that! It’s okay when you have an illness to use medication when things are going to be tough! For me, not feeling bad about accepting some extra help is a big turning point. I just had a birthday and 35 is going to be the year of self-care - not in the form of manicures and spa days - but in the manner of eating better, keeping my apartment clean, exercising, hanging out with friends and family that I love - the real good stuff for your health and soul. I’ve already started doing a bunch of it and the medication is going to help me keep that stuff up.

What’s on your agenda for self-care? Or your vagenda in general? Or any Easter-Passover plans?

ETA: I really like this article from The Atlantic from a few years ago. I think it’s fine to go get a massage to help you feel better, but there’s a blatant consumerist bent nowadays labeled as “self care”. That we have to spend money in order to feel good about ourselves. It’s okay to do that once in awhile, but kinda like self-medicating with alcohol, if you self medicate by spending money you don’t have, that’s not self care either. It’s worth the read:

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