Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Self-Care Sunday!

Y’all. It’s the end of spring break here so I’m really gonna need some self-care today. It’s officially Self-Care Sunday! What are you doing to love up on yourself today?

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My plan for the day is:

  • French toast for breakfast (we got a loaf of brioche from TJ’s expressly for this purpose—yum!)
  • Do a little work
  • Handle Mt. Clothesmore (I have an absolute mountain of clothes sitting on top of my dresser, waiting to be put away. I’m a bad adult.)
  • Maybe some yoga?
  • Set up my BuJo for the week and get April fleshed out a bit more
  • A nice long shower with a hair mask and a sheet mask after
  • Read for fun, in bed, in my robe, with cats. <3

How about y’all?

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