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Self Care Thread

Step in and ignore reality for a moment and recharge. I know I’m not the only one feeling angry/ill/disgusted/stressed/powerless/horrified/defeated oh there are just so many feelings at once and they’re all bad really.

Add something cute or funny in the comments, or detail how you recharge after peeking out at a world in flames.

I’ve been eating too much cheese and binge reading books. Fun happy books, even if they have conflict in them (like Rick Riordan’s Apollo series). I’m about to break out my children’s books and re-read The Little House and Eloise and The Hundred Dresses, and the Great Quillow and the Shoes books (hat tip to Nora Ephron for mentioning them in You’ve Got Mail).


Here is a story/comic that never fails to leave me gasping for air...

Here are some critters in flowers which are ADORABLE (on my screen they seem to be quad posting which hopefully won’t show up in the post, typical kinja snatching joy)


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