I am a huge believer in self-care (and I personally need it, being very type A, a law student, and doing work in the domestic abuse field). I feel it's important to take time for yourself and indulge in the little things, because otherwise I go crazy with stress and/or burn out. For me, self-care usually incolves comfort food, tea, coffee, Netflix, and good books. (What do you all like to use?)

This week has been full of weird stresses and triggers with the ex-boyfriend fiasco and with a large focus on dealing with terminal and grieving clients in class, along with the crappy weather. I'm trying to be pro-active and re-center before I feel stressed each day, instead of dealing with things after I'm overwhelmed. Here are the positive things in my life today:

This morning was my "late start" day, with class starting around 10:30. I've recommitted to getting up when I "naturally" wake up, instead of trying to sleep just another half hour. This also means re-committing to a reasonable bed time instead of indulging my latent night owl tendencies. Success on both parts!

After waking up early, I spent some time browsing GT (instead of sleeping in, being overtired from interrupting a new sleep cycle, browsing GT too long, and rushing to get to school). I had a leisurely shower and put on make-up without checking the clock every two minutes. Then I went to my favorite neighborhood coffee shop for an hour and sipped a salted caramel latte. I read a novel for a bit. Then I left for school with plenty of time, so I had a few minutes to chill in the classroom before Family Law starts.

I feel calm, content, and centered. Life is good, GT. Thanks for sharing with me and letting me share with you.