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Self-care, y'all

Hey, everyone—how are you doing? Are you taking care of yourself? How do you make sure you’re ok?

I realized today that I need to do a better job of this. I went to get a massage (yay, self-care!) but when the massage therapist asked me what I needed help with, I immediately tried attend to her, rather than reflect on and discuss what I needed: “I’m fine. But how are you feeling? Are you doing ok?”


That’s some effed up ess right there. I need to do better. I’ve had to stay home from work the last couple days. I’ve had baaaaad stomach problems and I’ve been unable to sleep but I’m convinced that the root of the issue is anxiety.

Right now, I’m drinking some broth and watching Practical Magic in an effort to take care of my tum and my brain. How about y’all?

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