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Hey ladies, I would like your input and help with some thoughts I have going on in my head. Up until very recently, I had long natural locs that flowed down to my waist. And then I noticed that the hair at my scalp was getting thinner (and one of my biggest fears is going bald). I freaked out and started chopping away. I’m pretty sure the hair loss was a combination of the crazy stress I was going through (homeless abroad, unemployed abroad, visa issues) plus the weight of the hair since I had been growing it for ever 10 years.

First I cut my hair chin-length, into a really cute bob. But this week I made the final big chop and my hair is now roughly the length in the picture, shaved sides and all.


And I feel so undesirable. I actually said to myself, “Lord what did you do? Now you’re fat, black, and bald” For most of my early years, I was teased for being so dark. But my saving grace was my hair. It was always thick and even when cut, showed that I had good length. And I took that away.

I just finished banging one of the sexiest guys I have ever been with (which will be another post about my latest Tinder tale) and I even though I could use it as validation for my own level of attraction, it fails to give me the boost I could use. Plus I don’t want use sex and men to improve myself esteem.

My best friend cut her hair really short and she has been so good in giving me encouragement. Have any of you Jezzies been through something similar. I feel like I made myself ugly to protect my hair. And I’ll (hopefully) will get it back and feel cute again. But what to do in the mean time when you’re visiting a city where all the men think they deserve a fashion model on their arm?

(Edited: It is not me in the picture)

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