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Self Improvement Open Thread!!!!

So, as promised yesterday, this is my first weekly open thread where we can all talk about what we have been doing to get where we want to be, or where we can ask for help, support, or advice getting there.

This week, I took the bar exam, redid my resume, and woke up before 10 every single day except the day after the bar. The last part is actually, to me, the biggest accomplishment. I didn't have to get up before 10 every day and I'm famous for my need to sleep until past noon. Yeah, the bar thing is big, but I haven't passed it yet.

So, Groupthink, tell me about what you are proud of accomplishing! Tell me what you want to do! Ask everyone for support and love and advice!!


Also here is the drink I invented. It's gin, sprite, and a raspberry sorbet floater. Our benevolent Raptor Queen pointed out to me that if I had St. Germain, it would be perfect. I originally called it the Classy Shiny, but I have renamed it Eye of Sauron. THIS COUNTS AS ANOTHER ACCOMPLISHMENT.

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