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Today is my birthday! I am 39 today (yikes). Or 37, depending upon who you ask. I'm a bit of a drama queen and my parents straight-up cancelled both my 11th and 15th birthdays. I'm allowed to lie about my age!

I share my birthday with a number of notable people:

David Letterman, Herbie Hancock, Beverly Cleary, Shannen Doherty, Claire Danes, Vince Gill, Brooklyn Decker, Jennifer Morrison (from HIMYM and that other show she's on), Tiny Tim (RIP), Andy Garcia, David Cassidy, Saorise Ronan, Tom Clancy, Nicholas Brendon, Ed O'Neill, and Bobby Moore, the best football player ever to take the pitch at the Boleyn Grounds (West Ham).


What a crowd, eh?

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