DonnaNobleā€™s earlier post reminded me that I keep meaning to come here and promote a thing I do since I know some people here are learning to code: I teach coding class on YouTube.

Technically, I stream a beginner class once a month and that happens to be archived on my channel for students who miss it / want to review it. Now that the videos are getting more views and I have ACTUALLY subscribers (142! Iā€™M COMING FOR YOU, PEWDIE PIE), I thought Iā€™d treat it more like a channel.

Anyway, I have a class this Sunday! Iā€™m teaching people to make websites with Python (thereā€™s a class on Python in my archive). Come and learn to make websites! That, or see that I am a flesh and blood human being and not some weirdo who has faked two dogs and two kids and a grumpy husband in order to win your love and affection.