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I wasn't around yesterday to post the self promotion thread but rather than skip the week, we're just going to do this thing on Monday.

This is your semi-regular self-promotion thread. Here is where you can crow about your accomplishments, link to your blogs, promote your Etsy shop or other commercial ventures, talk about vampire cops and pet portraits. Done something you feel proud of? Tell us! We want to hear all about it. Heck, if you just want more Twitter followers or FB friends and feel comfortable sharing those links, go right ahead.


Remember — you can promote your friends, but doxxing rules apply (don't give out people's personal information without their permission).

For me: Persephone Magazine (which many of you will know was started by ex-Jezzies and includes myself and some other GT regulars among its editorial staff) has started our annual Middlemarch Madness competition, where we pit our literary heroines against each other until one stands supreme! It's a fun time and we'd love to both have your nominations and see you hanging out for voting.

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