Hello friends!

This is your semi-regular Self Promotion Thread.

If you have a new project, an Etsy store, blog posts, feminist collectives, personal achievements, videos, short films, design or knitting projects, baked goods, job successes, or anything else you want your fellow GTers to know about, crow about it in the comments. Did you survive a challenging family holiday? Has your 2015 already raced off to a roaring start? We want to know what you're proud of!

Remember you are permitted to post links for friends, but doxxing rules apply (don't post anything associated with someone's real name without their permission).

In my own self promotion news, as of Friday, I've started a new position based out of one of the local universities. I'll be working with US and Pakistani journalists and I'm super excited about the program. It's a really great opportunity for me, but as with all new ventures, I'm equal parts excited and terrified.


In closing, please enjoy this photo of one of my cats, Gozer: