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Oh, hi, yeah, I am an absolute control freak. And, I mean, I kinda knew that already but it really hit home today. I was checking out at the grocery store and the cashier sort of threw a green pepper I was buying across the counter and it slipped off the counter and smashed open.

He sent the courtesy clerk to go find me another pepper and, internally, I was like, NOOOOOO! He might choose a pepper that I don’t liiiiiike! I didn’t say anything, I waited patiently, but in that 2 minutes, I was like super anxious. Stupidly anxious.


It occurred to me that this is why I can never order groceries online or subscribe to a meal delivery kit service. I NEED TO HANDLE MY OWN PRODUCE because, like, what if the avocado isn’t ripe enough on taco night?!?!?!?! Obviously, it’d be the end of the world if that happened. ;)

I found this article and... it me. Anyone else struggle with this? How do you deal? And, may I add, poor Homey!

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