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Self-righteous Vegans are a**holes (No Mainpage)

I had to block my first person from Facebook, ever. Actually it was more the like second person, but so what, the specifics aren't the most important. What is important is the reason why. My Facebook feed is a carefully curated thing of beauty. I only friend people that I know and like in real life. Unless I'm put in a situation where a person I don't really like forces me to add them (like a roommate), in which case, they are placed in special list where I don't have to see most of what they say and do.

So it was with a heavy heart that I had to block the person that posted the accompanying picture. I actually tried to engage him, saying that his constant posting of such memes undermine his credibility as an open and caring person. That he was being "that" type of vegan, the one that acts like his food choices makes him better, more intelligent, and more successful. I said that we can each make our own choices regarding our health, while still being respectful of the other person's decisions. And I also tried to point out the privilege he enjoys that allows him to follow a vegan diet while still getting necessary protein from non-meat sources other than beans. And that motherfucker tried to school me.


He had the audacity to say that I used the word "privilege" wrong and that he was so well traveled and that none of the poor people that he visited had called him privileged, so obviously I must be wrong. And when I again tried to tell him how if he's focused on community outreach, insulting people is not the best way to win people to your side and he again tried to come for me, suggesting that since I'm in a European country, and since he's been to Africa, he knows that tempeh and seitan are easily accessible.

Really? I've lived in three countries, and worked in nine. Tempeh, seitan, and some times even soy are not available in all parts of the world. You want to know what I saw people use for protein in rural Vietnam and China? Fucking eggs. Why? Because it's relatively easy and cheap to keep chickens. For the years that I lived in Denmark, I never saw tempeh or seitan. Vegetarians ate beans, eggs, milk, and lots of cheese. One of my current roommates is vegan and she tells me how hard and expensive it is because if you don't eat the traditional food here, it's either hard to find or really expensive. And this includes bean and lentils. I actually brought back a bag of beans and tahini when I visited Copenhagen since there were actually cheaper there, which is saying a lot since you pay through the nose for everything else in that damn country.

But instead of arguing further with him, I just blocked him. Which sort of sucks since I like what he typically posts. Except for the vegan propaganda. Everyone has the right to eat what makes them happy. But I don't feel like being insulted for my choice to eat meat every time I check my feed. Something has to die for us to live. So either way, you're still taking a life to sustain your own. I just don't mind if thing that dies is cute.

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