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Self service is so much better for gas

Yesterday my mother tried to open the hood on her car to check the oil. Well the hood went up an inch and got stuck. Today we went to a garage where they fill the gas. What a screw up.

Upside he fixed the hood in ten seconds.


My mother asked for fifteen dollars worth in gas. So the guy asked her to push the button for the little door to open. She did. It finished she paid.


We went grocery shopping and when leaving, we parked right in front of the grocery store, I saw that little door open.

Guess who was not happy. You will never guess. My mother. She looked at the open door and guess what was missing? The cap.

We continued shopping. I had a nice lunch and my mother saw her friend who told her this happened to her and they had to special order the cap. I had an order of lo mein with tereyaki sauce and soy. It was delish. My mother got the same. It was $2 each it was mall food.

If you are wondering if a person siphoned the gas, no it was registering the correct amount.


So we headed back to the garage and like a miracle the owner checked the size and we got a new cap. I suspect it happens a lot.

My mother swore she will pump her own gas and not go through this stress again.

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